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Unique Gift Idea for Women - Lifestyle Subscription Boxes

Coming up with gift ideas for women can be difficult, especially when the person you are shopping for is someone you have bought presents many times before. After all, you don't want to give them the same types of gifts over and over, and you want to be certain that whatever you select is something that they'll enjoy. Subscription gifts for women are a great way to get out of a gift-giving rut. Read on to discover why they are some of the best gifts for women.

What Are Subscription Boxes?

A subscription box is a gift box that contains an assortment of items. Often, the items contained in the box relate to a particular theme or interest and are curated by the company or store that offers the subscription. Instead of purchasing just one box the way you might a gift basket, you sign up to receive boxes on a consistent basis. Typically, boxes continue to ship until the subscription is canceled. Some subscription boxes allow you to skip shipments if you desire.

How Do Gift Subscription Boxes Work?

When you're giving subscription boxes as gifts for women, the way that it will work will depend on what options the store you're subscribing to offers. Some subscription boxes sell gift cards so that you can purchase a card for a specific amount and then give it to your friend or family member. They can then sign up for the service and use the card to cover one or more shipments before entering their credit card information to take overpaying for the subscription.

For sites that do not offer gift cards, you can see if they sell gift subscriptions. A gift subscription allows you to purchase one or more boxes to be sent to the recipient of your gift. Once those initial shipments are done, the subscription service usually contacts the individual, giving them a chance to continue receiving boxes by buying their subscription.

With sites that don't provide either option, you can purchase the box on behalf of your friend or family member. You can continue to pay for each shipment as a part of the gift or let your loved one know that you're going to pay for the subscription for a set period, such as six months or a year. At the end of that time, you can cancel the subscription or change the username and password on the account and give it to your loved one to take over.

Why Choose Subscription Gift Boxes for Women?

There are many reasons why subscription boxes are great gift ideas. They are:

  1. Unique. Most people don't think of buying subscription boxes as gifts, so your present will stand out.
  2. Ongoing. Instead of receiving just one gift, your loved one will have regular presents to look forward to.
  3. Easy. The subscription service curates the boxes, packs them, and ships them, saving you time.
  4. Fun. Unboxing a subscription box shipment is exciting, and when the fun is done, the lucky lady who received your gift will have the items inside to enjoy.

What Occasions Are Subscription Gifts Ideal For?

You can give subscription gifts for any occasion. They make memorable birthday gifts for women, and you can also purchase them for the winter holidays, Mother's Day, graduations, get-well gifts, and more.

Tips for Choosing the Best Subscription Gifts

To select the right subscription box for your loved one, consider:

  1. Your budget. Subscription boxes vary in price and frequency of shipment. You'll want to ensure that you select one that fits your gift-giving budget.
  2. Her interests. There are hundreds of subscription boxes out there with something to suit every interest and taste. If you don't know where to begin, consider selecting a box geared toward self-care because every woman could use a little pampering.
  3. What's offered. Most subscription box services show samples of past boxes to give you an idea of what types of items your loved one can expect. Look them over and ask yourself whether you can see them enjoying the products.
  4. Product availability. Choose a subscription box that offers all or some of the products featured in the shipments for sale. This way, your loved one can continue to enjoy items that she discovers.

Gift Delivered, Four Times a Year

3rd Eye Hi allows your loved ones to pamper themselves and discover the benefits and fun of a subscription box service. They'll receive four boxes per year with a subscription with shipments in August, November, February, and May. Inside each box, will be luxury bath, beauty, fitness, wellness, and personal care products worth $150 or more. Experts at 3rd Eye Hi test everything included, so you can be confident that your friend or family member is only getting the best available products.