Subscription Box Fun

Even when you know what’s inside the box left by the delivery person, that it just contains paper towels or pet food, there’s something special about opening packages. When the contents are a complete mystery, but sure to be something you love, the experience is even better. Subscription boxes give you this experience regularly. Read on about fun subscription boxes for women and find out why you should treat yourself to one.

What Are Subscription Boxes for Women?

A subscription box is a gift box that is delivered regularly right to your door. Inside, the box usually contains several curated items. Some are beauty subscription boxes that feature skincare products, cosmetics, and similar items. There are also fun subscription boxes related to special interests like pets and crafting. With most subscription boxes, you receive a shipment periodically. You may pay for an entire year or before each package is mailed.

The Unboxing

With each shipment, a specialty or skincare subscription box gives you the thrill of unboxing. A subscription box usually isn't like an ordinary online shopping purchase. Often, boxes come in cute packaging that causes excitement to build as soon as you open the outer shipping container. Once you open the packaging, you can take your time lifting out and examining each item. Many boxes contain a card or paper that explains what's inside. You may find that the box has a particular theme and that all of the products suit the theme.

Sharing Is Part of the Fun

The fun doesn't stop once you've finished opening your subscription box. Your friends and family will love to see what you got in your latest curated gift box. Snap photos and create a social media post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or Pinterest. You can also make videos to put on YouTube and TikTok. The best time to post on social media is generally around 10AM on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Scheduling your posts for around this time can increase the chances of your followers seeing them.

Benefits of Subscription Boxes

There are many benefits to subscription boxes:

COST SAVINGS. One of the most significant benefits of subscription boxes is that they can save you money. Usually, if you add up the retail price of all of the items in the box, the cost is well over whatever you pay for your subscription.

DISCOVERY. Because subscription boxes are curated, they allow you to discover things that you might never have known existed otherwise. You can be an early adopter of a product that becomes the next big thing or learn about a niche brand before everyone else.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. Subscription boxes give you a chance to test out new products without having to make a purchase. Usually, the items inside can be purchased on their own if you want to keep using something in the future.

OPPORTUNITY TO REGIFT. If a box contains something you don't have use for, you can give it away as a special present. This is especially true with makeup subscription boxes containing cosmetics that aren't the right shades for you.

SELF-CARE. The best thing about a subscription box is that it's something special just for you. No matter what kind of box you choose, your subscription is a gift to yourself. And speaking of gifts, subscription boxes can also make unique presents for the ladies in your life. You can purchase one for someone for the winter holidays, birthdays, Mother's Day, and other occasions.

Things to Remember When Choosing a Subscription Box

When considering which subscription box to purchase, keep the following in mind:

PRODUCTS. What kinds of things does the box contain? Are you able to see previous boxes or a sample list of products?

RETAIL VALUE. What is the promised retail value of the items in the box?

SHIPPING. How often and when are boxes shipped? Can you skip a box if you will be out of town?

SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS. How much does the subscription cost? How frequently do you pay, and how often will you be assessed the fee? What do you have to do to cancel the subscription?

The 3rd Eye Hi Subscription Box

At 3rd Eye Hi, we offer a subscription box with four shipments a year in August, November, February, and May. Each box contains an assortment of carefully curated items. Our boxes have contained skincare products, makeup, teas, candles, and a variety of other products in the past.